How to reduce your everyday exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields

Simple tips and solutions to easily reduce your daily exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields from cell phone masts, cordless phones, Wi-Fi modem-routers, electrical appliances, cables and power lines, transformers etc.


Mobile Phones

  • Remove the cell phones from your head during calls by using speakerphone or cable hands-free.
  • Do not carry the phone in your pocket when you talk, as the genital area is particularly sensitive to wireless radiation.
  • Limit your talk time, using it only when it is really necessary - it is advised to send an SMS rather than talk over the phone.
  • Fixed telephone lines are preferred, especially when making long calls.
  • It is better to make calls when you have 3G signal as the radiation emitted is much less than when you have 2G signal.
  • Avoid using the phone in areas with bad signal, because the phone will transmit at full power in order to get a signal (usually the best signal is next to windows).
  • Avoid using your mobile phone inside the car, on trains, boats, buses etc. because the radiation will be recycled internally as it gets reflected from metal surfaces, but also as you move the mobile phone transmits at full power trying to connect to the nearest antenna.
  • Using a bluetooth headset is not recommended since it is a weak but permanent radiation source (exception: when you talk too much on the cell phone, especially in areas with poor signal, it is preferable to keep your phone and bluetooth headset away from your body and only pick up your bluetooth headset when you have a call).
  • Divide your talktime, by holding the cell phone on both sides of the head.
  • If you use a smartphone, turn on the downloadable data via Wi-Fi or the mobile network only when you want to browse the Internet. Most applications download data whenever they can, significantly increasing the radiation emitted by your cell phone.

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Cell Phone Masts

  • Mobile phone antennas (base stations) radiate continuously.
  • They are usually installed on rooftops in residential and commercial buildings or on hills (especially next to busy roads)
  • They are everywhere - the more densely populated area, the more cell phone masts there are.
  • They affect most areas that have visual contact with the antennas.
  • Cell phone masts are often camouflaged as heaters, billboards, chimneys etc.


If your phone has low signal in your house, it means that your provider does not have an antenna near you or that their signal does not reach you. However, there may be a cell phone mast near you from other providers.

  • You can see if you exceed the recommended safety limits due to the cell phone masts in your area (visible or not) by using a High Frequency Radiation Meter.
  • Identifying the radiation hotspots will help you move your bed, your sofa and your desk away from them.
  • Electromagnetic shielding materials that reflect more than 99% of wireless radiation offer simple solutions for protection from wireless radiation.
  • Since windows are the most vulnerable points of penetration from external wireless radiation, the largest decrease in radiation due to cell phone masts can be achieved by placing adhesive film or a curtain shield on the windows of the building (especially those facing the antenna). 


  • The walls of the building reflect/absorb a portion of the external wireless radiation depending on the thickness and type of structural materials. Shielding the walls and ceilings internally or externally with electromagnetic shielding paint or stainless steel mesh can achieve an even greater reduction of radiation in the areas. 


  • Practical solutions, at least for the sleeping areas, offer the electromagnetic shielding canopies which do not allow the penetration of radiation from most directions, ensuring minimal disturbance of your sleep by current and future wireless radiation sources.

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Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi or WLAN)

  • dreamstime 17058607The wireless modem-router you use to connect to the Internet constantly radiates, whether you are using it to browse the web or not.
  • Turn off the wireless function of your wireless router modem (usually by pressing a button - or through its online setting - ask the manufacturer if you do not know how) and use a network cable (ethernet) to connect your computer or laptop to the modem.
  • If you do not want to disable the wireless function of the modem, move it as far away from places where you spend most of your time and shut down the modem when you are not using it or at least during the evenings.
  • Alternatively, you can use Power Line adaptors (insert an adapter Powerline into an outlet and connect it to the modem and other adapters in sockets of remote rooms where you want to have internet connection).

Cordless Phones

  • The handset of the cordless telephone only radiates when you speak while the base of the cordless phone radiates constantly, even on stand by. 
  • ECO DECT ZEROReplace your cordless telephone with a wired one or at least a wireless phone with zero radiation on stand by mode, the base of which emits radiation only when you make calls.
  • If you do not want to replace the cordless phone, place it as far away from places where most of your time (especially the bedroom).
  • During calls switch on the speakerphone, and place the headset as far away as possible from your body.

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What to do About Your Neigbhours Wireless Devices (cordless phones, routers, etc.)

  • Since most houses now have cordless telephones, Wi-Fi modems or other wireless antennas such as baby monitors, cell phone signal repeaters, wireless game consoles, smart TVs etc you are likely to be exposed to high levels of wireless radiation because of your neighbors.

You might not use wireless devices and speak very little on your cell phone and still be exposed to cumulative higher radiation levels than heavy users of cell phones, due to your exposure to radiation from antennas of neighboring apartments or homes.

  • You can see how much wireless radiation is coming from neighbouring apartments by using a High Frequency Radiation Meter.
  • In cases of high radiation values ​​because of your neighbors, you can move your bed, desk or sofa away from wireless hotspots.
  • Fabrics reflecting wireless radiation can be placed in the living room or your bed when the radiation source is located below.
  • With special electromagnetic shielding paint you can paint the walls where the wireless radiation comes from. 


  • A practical solution, at least for the bedroom are the electromagnetic shielding canopies, which are especially useful in buildings with dozens of wireless phones and Wi-Fi networks. 


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Electrical Devices

  • Distance the high usage areas of your house (eg. bed, sofa, desk) away from:
  • High consumption appliances such as kitchen appliances, electric heaters, floor heating, boilers, etc.
  • Low voltage devices such as chargers, transformers, electric clocks, laptops, printers, lamps 12V bulbs etc.
  • Appliances with electric motors, such as the refrigerator
  • Electricity meter and electric panel
  • Photovoltaic system charger, generator, inverter
  • Boilers and other electromechanical installations

Electrical appliances such as shavers, hair dryers, blenders, vacuum cleaners etc. usually produce high magnetic fields. However, as they are not used for long periods of time, we do not think that they can cause residual biological effects (with the possible exception of people with electrohypersensitivity). 

  • fluorescentLimit the use of nonlinear load electronic devices which distort the mains signal: fluorescent and energy saving lamps, AC adapters, dimmer switches with electronic volume control etc.
  • Also avoid using fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps in areas where you spend most of your time. It is recommended that you only use them in corridors and outdoors.
  • LED bulbs emit lower radiation, though there are concerns for their safety due to their brighter light.
  • Safer choices are incandescent lamps (if you can still find them on the market) and many types of halogen lamps (regular voltage - not low voltage).
  • Keep electrical appliances as far away from your bed as possible, especially if they are not grounded (their plug does not connect to the earthing pin of the power outlet).
  • Avoid using electric blankets or water beds or at least disconnect them from the electrical outlet before going to bed.
  • New technology flat screens (LCD) emit lower levels of radiation than the older type (CRT etc.). In any case, avoid sitting in their immediate vicinity.
  • Measure the radiation emitted by all your electrical appliances and avoid the radiation hotspots by using a Low Frequency Radiation Meter.

Laptops - Tablets

  • laptopUsing a laptop or tablet is an common source of electromagnetic fields exposure for a large portion of the population.
  • Due to their close contact with our bodies they expose us to elevated low frequency electric and magnetic fields due to their battery, cables and electrical circuits and high frequency fields. This is due to their WLAN or Wi-Fi antennas which connect wirelessly to the internet.
  • There is research which links the use of laptops to DNA damage and degradation of reproductive capacity.
  • You can distance the laptop from your body with the help of an external wired keypad.
  • By placing the laptop onto a laptop stand, the screen is lifted to an ergonomically correct height which helps you in avoiding future problems in the neck.
  • Turn off the wireless function of the laptop or tablet when you are not surfing the web.
  • It is better to use a wired internet connection by using an ethernet network cable to connect your laptop to the modem.
  • Alternatively, you can use powerline adaptors which pass the internet signal through your homes electrical circuits. This technology however is not the ideal substitute to networking with an ethernet cable because adding a high frequency signal to the electric network of the house is distorting the mains electricity signal (maybe a problem in homes with elevated low frequency electric fields).
  • Ethernet cables or powerline adapters can also be used with some tablets by using Ethernet to USB or mini USB adapters.
  • Laptops may emit elevated low frequency electric fields depending on if their plug is grounded or not, network cable connection etc. - only a measurement of electric fields can tell us the safest way to use the laptop.
  • Reduction of the electromagnetic fields to which your genitals are exposed when you have your laptop or tablet WiFi antennas enabled is possible by using electromagnetic shielding materials that reflect more than 99% of wireless radiation: Defenderpad (, Belly Armour (, Naturell fabric etc.

Electrical Cables

  • The electrical cables that are built into your walls produce low frequency electric fields 24 hours a day, as well as low freqeuncy magnetic fields when there is current flow (when you turn on the lights, operate electrical appliances, etc.).
  • The exact location of the cables is usually not obvious but can be detected by using a low frequency field meter.
  • Missing earth connections or faults in cable insulation often give high measurements of low frequency electric fields.
  • High magnetic fields are often created due to incorrect electrical connections (e.g. connecting the neutral conductors from different circuits) which are also a risk for fires or electric shock.

Power Lines, Transformers, Substations etc.

  • high voltageHigh voltage transmission lines (100-500 kVolt) go through many populated areas and are connected to the more dense medium and low voltage power distribution lines (110/230/400 Volt - 50 kVolt).
  • To reduce the voltage from high to medium voltage lines and medium to low voltage lines we use voltage transformers (substations)
  • The electric fields emitted by cables and substations usually affect only outdoors areas since they are blocked by most building materials. In underground distribution lines, electric fields are always grounded.
  • However, magnetic fields emitted by cables penetrate almost all building materials.

According to statistics the most common causes of elevated magnetic fields are low voltage power lines which are everywhere and not the high voltage lines!

  • The values ​​of the magnetic fields that power lines emit are not easy to predict since they depend on many factors such as power consumption, the provision of electricity conductors, the connections of the local distribution network etc.
  • A flickering TV or computer screen is a possible indication of the presence of very high values ​​of magnetic fields.
  • You can find out whether your house is exposed to high electric or magnetic fields by using a Low Frequency Radiation Meter.

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Shielding Solutions for Wireless Radiation

Electromagnetic shielding solutions minimize the penetration of artificial high frequency radiation and are recommended especially for bedrooms, because electromagnetic interference is considered more aggravating during the critical hours of sleep.

Shielding solutions also protect against any future presence of new radiation sources (e.g. new cell towers, new neighbors wireless devices, new radio stations and amateur radio antennas, WI-MAX networks, private security, transport companies and taxi networks, smart meters, radars and a variety of other wireless applications).

The all-round shielding of an area that protects against the penetration of wireless radiation from all directions, is achieved by painting the walls and ceilings internally or externally with electromagnetic shielding paint and placing shielding film or curtain on windows.

A practical solutions for the bedrooms are the electromagnetic shielding canopies. They do not allow radiation penetration from all directions (except from the bottom of the bed - but there are shielding fabrics or gauges for positioning under the mattress or on your bed).

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